Yamaha QL1 Digital Sound Desk

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32 Mono, 8 Stereo channels
16 Mix busses
8 Matrix system (input to matrix supported)
16 XLR Inputs
8 XLR Outputs
Fader configuration: 16 + 2
Motor fader: 100 mm
Can be mounted into a rack – Optional RK 1 rack mount kit available under Article Nr 122809 (not included))
Dimensions (W x H x D): 468 x 272 x 562 mm

Buses 16
Inputs 16
Channels (max. amount) 40
DCA (Digitally Contr. Amp.) Yes
Card Slot (external) Yes
Touchscreen Yes
Offline Editing Yes
Demountable Stagebox No
External Power Supply No
Port For Ext. Power Supply No
19″ Rack Unit Yes
Built in Audio player Yes


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