Shure UR4D+ (K4E) Dual Wireless Receiver

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Looking to take your wireless audio setup to the next level? The UR4S+ and UR4D+ receivers from the top-of-the-line UHF-R system deliver outstanding sound quality with both single and dual-channel options available.

And as an added plus, the ” +” versions come equipped with RF distribution ports that enable up to 10 receivers to share the RF signal from just one pair of antennas, making setup a breeze. Choose the UHF-R system for professional-grade wireless audio that delivers exceptional performance every time. Features
3000 selectable Frequencies across 75 MHz bandwidth

Up to 47 compatible channels per band

Cascading: Includes RF distribution ports that allow up to 10 receivers to share the RF signal from a single pair of antennas.

Track Tuning Filtering Technology
Networked Automatic Frequency Selection
Automatic Transmitter Setup (including custom group upload)
Flash Memory to store six 60-channel custom frequency groups
Shure’s patented Audio Reference Companding
Multi-function bit-mapped backlit LCD
Built-in Ethernet network compatibility
Shure’s Wireless Workbench Control/Monitoring Software
Remoteable antennas
Shure’s microprocessor-controlled diversity


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