SGM G7 Beast Moving Head

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Experience a new level of performance with the G-7 BeaSt, a dual-purpose moving head that specializes in aerial beams and high-power blind and strobe effects. The glass parabolic reflector of the G-7 BeaSt collimates multiple reflections into one powerful beam of light, while a rounded array of LEDs delivers a bright and intense white strobe blinder.

Perfect for large-scale tours, versatile installations, and long-throw applications, the G-7 BeaSt stands out with its wide lens aperture and impressive projection capabilities. The direct view effect is also outstanding, making this moving head a must-have for any professional lighting setup.

The G-7 BeaSt is a powerhouse of lighting technology, featuring a 360W white LED engine and a 440W SMD array. When operated independently, both light sources work at their full capacity, and they can also be combined to create effects within a maximum power limit of 650W.

With a remarkable 102 lumen per watt, the G-7 BeaSt is the most energy-efficient lighting fixture in the SGM product range. Its LED lights are built to last, with an expected lifetime of 20,000 hours.

The G-7 BeaSt boasts a unique optical system that is based on multiple reflection collimation over a glass parabolic reflector. This system enables the unit to emit a strong and parallel beam of light with a 320mm lens aperture.

The strobe blinder is comprised of multiple light sources with individual lenses that are strategically placed in the centre of the reflector, optimized for maximum visibility in direct view applications.

Beam Light Output: 85,000 lux (10 meters)
Strobe Blind Effect: 50,000 Lumen

Featuring a unique aerial projection, as a result of its powerful parallel beams of light. 6 rotatable gobos, expandable beam, and special animation effects

The G-7 BeaSt is the Most Efficient Luminaire in the SGM Range
With its 102 lumens per watt output for the strobe/blinder function, the G-7 BeaSt is the most energy-efficient fixture in the SGM lineup. The entire light has been optimized to achieve the highest luminosity while consuming a maximum of 640W, and only 500W when using the strobe blinder function.

The G-7 BeaSt features a robust IP66 rating, protecting it from dust, dirt, humidity, and other external elements like smoke fluid and airborne pollution. This makes it perfect for outdoor use and a durable option for indoor installations.

The internal dehumidifier in the G-7 BeaSt protects it from moisture, pollution, and other factors that can cause corrosion. The SGM dehumidification technology removes humidity and prevents oxidation and condensation, thanks to a gore-tex membrane that equalizes internal pressure to prevent leaks. Learn more about SGM’s dehumidification process.

SGM’s unique thermal management technology ensures optimal LED performance at all times. The light features a specially designed body and heat sink for optimal cooling of the LED chips, and a special aluminium alloy and surface treatment for maximum heat dispersion. The fan-assisted cooling guarantees optimal performance in any condition, even in extreme temperatures or limited airflow environments. The G-7 BeaSt is tested under extreme hot and cold conditions, ensuring that the LEDs always operate within safe parameters. Learn more about SGM’s thermal management technology.

SGM’s Proprietary Technologies

The ThermalDriveTM technology provides advanced temperature control through sensors and software, ensuring optimal LED junction temperatures and maximum reliability for long-term use. This system features cutting-edge heat removal via passive thermal techniques and active forced-air cooling, specifically designed to maintain LED efficiency and extend the fixture’s lifetime.

SGM uses full range calibration for all LED fixtures, measured via spectrometer and SGM Illumination Lab software. The Color Match procedure ensures accurate wavelength reproduction and accurate colour matching within the SGM product range, using coloured LEDs, dichroic filters, or CMY mixing, depending on the product.

SGM’s patented Dehumidification process eliminates humidity and breaks down corrosive molecules in polluted air to prevent destructive corrosion. The inbuilt dehumidifiers continuously remove trapped hydrogen in a solid-state electrolytic process with no moving parts, and the DryTechTM process is based on an IP rating of 65 or 66, providing full protection against dust and other particles and against direct water jets.

When equipped with this proprietary technology, the G-7 BeaSt features two types of light sources in one reliable fixture, with independent control, output, beam angle, design, and energy consumption capabilities. The DualSourceTM fixtures are powered by an optimized power management system that shares the same power supply for both sources, delivering the maximum possible output for each light source when used independently.


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