Sennheiser G4 True Diversity Transmitter

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The fourth generation of evolution wireless makes professional wireless technology even more flexible, easier and safer. For musicians, filmmakers, speakers at congresses and in auditoriums: the Sennheiser G4 is a system that simply grows with your requirements.
The stereo transmitter SR IEM G4 as single component
The Sennheiser SR IEM G4 is a Half Rack stereo transmitter in metal housing with OLED display.
It is a rugged all-in-one wireless monitoring system for in-ear applications and is specifically designed for high-quality live sound.
The bandwidth is up to 42 MHz with 16 compatible channels and 1680 selectable frequencies in the UHF range.
Wireless microphones have never been so simple and flexible
The G4 from Sennheiser bellieben Sennheiser is the fourth generation of the evolution wireless series and is ideally suited for applications such as a tour, outdoor shooting, conference or auditorium. With the 100 series of the G4, 12 channels can now be synchronized in a matter of seconds. This feature saves valuable time during setup. The 300 and 500 G4 series come with a high bandwidth of up to 88 MHz. The display is the heart of the system, from which all relevant settings can be made. The Wireless Systems Manager software is for the 300 Series and 500 Series that Control Cockpit is for the 300 Series. These software variants make the monitoring of multichannel systems very simple and ensure a perfect workflow.


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