Alto ZMX 862 6 Channel Compact Mixer

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The ZMX862 is a six-channel, two-bus mixer with the right amount of inputs, outputs, routing, and EQ for more intimate live performance reinforcement situations.
– The ZEPHYR ZMX622 is a robust 6-channel, 2 bus mixer with all of the highly essential inputs, outputs, and EQ for any live show. It features 2 XLR inputs, 2 aux sends per-channel, a three-band EQ and more!
– Choose the ZMX862 as the center command for your live performances, home studio, or video suite. Plug in microphones, keyboards, drum machines, MP3 or CD players, or audio from a DVD player.
– Blue, red, yellow and white pots are easy to identify in dim lighting. The bright LED indicators for output level, peak, and phantom power assist in making sure that visual cues compliment what you’re hearing.


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