Allen & Heath QU16 Digital Mixer

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Allen & Heath QU-16/X (QU16CX) Rack-mountable Digital Mixer WITH 16 Mic/Line, 3 Stereo Line, 4FX, 12 Mix and Touchscreen. Digital Mixing Reshaped
Now in a feature-packed new Chrome Edition, Qu-16 reshapes digital mixing, combining innovative design and exceptional functionality to create a superb professional mixing experience. Bristling with all the features you’d expect from a top of the range digital console and incorporating technologies pioneered on the GLD and iLive digital mixing systems, Qu-16 has the power and pedigree to deliver class-leading audio performance.
Qu series features include multitrack recording direct to USB, Automatic Mic Mixing, ProFactory mic presets, plus an ever growing ecosystem of apps, accessories and remote I/O.
Whether you’re switching from analogue or updating your digital desk, it’s time to experience the new digital with Qu-16.
Qu Ecosystem
Qu provides much more than just a mixer. Qu is an entire ecosystem with Remote AudioRacks allowing I/O to be placed where it’s…

Mic/Line Inputs Balanced, XLR and 1/4″ TRS jack, fully recallable
Input Sensitivity (XLR / TRS) -60 to +5dBu / -50 to +15dBu
Analogue Gain -5 to +60dB, 1dB steps
Maximum Input Level (XLR / TRS) +19dBu / +29dBu
Input Impedance (XLR / TRS) >5kΩ / >10 kΩ
THD+N, Unity gain 0dB 0.0005% -89 dBu (20-20kHz, Direct Out @0dBu 1kHz)
THD+N, Mid gain +30dB 0.001% -83dBu (20-20kHz, Direct Out @0dBu 1kHz)
ST1, ST2 connector Balanced, 1/4″ TRS jack, half-normalled
ST3 connector Unbalanced, stereo 3.5mm Mini Jack
Input Sensitivity (ST1, ST2 / ST3) Nominal +4dBu / 0dBu
Trim +/-24dB
Maximum Input Level (ST1, ST2 / ST3) +22dBu / +18dBu
Input Impedance >7kΩ
Mix1-10 and LR Out Balanced, XLR
Output Impedance <75Ω
Nominal Output +4dBu = 0dB meter reading
Maximum Output Level +22dBu
Residual Output Noise -90 dBu (muted, 20-20kHz)
Stereo Alt Out & 2Trk Out Balanced, 1/4" TRS jack
Source (Alt Output / 2Trk Output) Patchable / LR post-fade
Output Impedance Return or Inserted
Types Reverbs, Delays, Gated Reverb, ADT, Chorus, Symphonic Chorus, Phaser, Flanger
4 dedicated Stereo FX returns Fader, Pan, Mute, Routing to Mix/LR, 4-Band PEQ
PAFL PFL or stereo in-place AFL, 0 to -24dB Trim, 85ms Delay
Talkback Assignable to any mix, 12dB/oct HPF
Signal Generator Assignable to any mix, Sine/White/Pink/Band-pass Noise
RTA 31-Bands 1/3 octave 20-20kHz, follows PAFL source


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